sylvia's blog Running Blog at FastRunningBlog.Com Wed, 21 Feb 2018 11:38:44 FeedCreator 1.7.2 Mon, Jan 29, 2018 75 min It felt tough today but it was still a really good run. I stayed as close as I could to Ellie on the tempos and they felt strong. Long runs are becoming some of my favorite runs. Mon, 29 Jan 2018 07:00:00 Tue, Jan 23, 2018 15 min and weights 45 min My legs felt so tired and the run wasn't fast at all but it felt really fast. My knee hurt a little so I'm icing it. Tue, 23 Jan 2018 07:00:00 Mon, Jan 22, 2018 85 min This run felt amazing and it was my longest run ever! The pickups were kinda fast but good and made a normal pace feel slow. Mon, 22 Jan 2018 07:00:00 Sat, Jan 20, 2018 50 min Run at Ellie's house then waffles after. It was a fun run. Sat, 20 Jan 2018 07:00:00 Fri, Jan 19, 2018 55 min The first four were a really hard mental battle but I still was able to stay with the group except for the fourth one. I didn't do the fifth one but it helped me to get my head back into it and I was able to push way harder on the last three. I really need to work on starting workouts with a positive attitude. Fri, 19 Jan 2018 07:00:00 Thu, Jan 18, 2018 50 min It was a great run and I felt pretty good the whole time. I like how Roberts has us start runs a little bit slower but after a few minutes we're at normal pace. Thu, 18 Jan 2018 07:00:00 Fri, Jan 12, 2018 55 min During the tempo I was able to stay with the top group of girls for 15 minutes and it was a good workout. Everyone packed really well! I don't think anyone was running by themselves. Fri, 12 Jan 2018 07:00:00